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After all of the struggle and pain, all of those sweat and tears, uncountable & unpublished private projects, this is yet again; a legacy project of mine, WebHosting Services.

This is the first (but definitely NOT the last) public related services for everyone I have done, after all I have been through on life and breathe thru the internet, this is finally the extraction of all knowledge and all ability I have. A public webhosting service which provide quality hosting, advanced managed services, and related services.

A small step to reach a big dream of mine; a dream that is got to be true for sure.

Ridiculous dream about someday when IPV6 is partially/fully implemented in Indonesia, I will run my own IPV6 transit datacenter with fiber connectivity, with Distributed SAN Storage somewhere here near my city. Seriously that’s a very-very long term and huge dream for someone like me, but at least this is my first step.

Project status: Live, Rock n Roll!