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Give Me Back My Spirit Please.. { 0 }

I don’t know why, I think something big had been lost from me, it drains my spirits away so damn quickly, as you can see as a simple example, this blog was empty, for about one year, it sucks!

I’m running several sites, and sometimes I do really tired of managing them. I also doing auto blogging system which was really helping me maintaining my sites more easily and effortless, but in fact it just really ruining them one by one since the search engine ranking of auto blogs are falling dramatically. Yes it is true that content is the king, I realize that, but WTF, I am tired, and I need more spirit!

I was doing them (site maintenance, postings, etc) very very nice in the middle to the end of year 2008, of course in the mean time my blogs wasn’t as much as now, so I can take care of them carefully. I also having great support from another person, they can give me inspiration, giving me space to enjoy myself, they can give me something to dream of, something I have to reach so I can make myself and them happy, or at least a smile while I’m writing for something, but now they were gone away, I can’t feel it anymore.

So here it is, I feel like I can only writing craps like this one, useless speak, useless mind. I don’t feel desperate (yet maybe), but it is getting worse, day by day… yeah… I don’t know..